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Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals

From AP News CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE Excerpts from the article: "At the end of June, Texas reported 7,268 orphaned wells, up 17% since 2019. An additional 146,859 were considered “inactive”: They were no longer producing oil, but the owners hadn’t yet been required to plug them. Many inactive wells may actually be orphaned wells, […]

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Global renewable energy capacity jumps in 2020, more needed to meet climate goals: experts

From S&P Global CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE Excerpts from the article: "There is also the fear that new drilling and hydraulic fracturing activity -- as well as the associated saltwater disposal wells -- increasingly will interfere with and rupture older well sites, threatening air quality and water supplies often without any visible problems above the […]

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Growing problems with orphaned, abandoned wells challenges oil industry

From S&P Global Platts CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE Excerpts from the article: "The White House is aiming to inject major cash into well-plugging activities, and new groups in Texas, such as Commission Shift, have sprung up this year to help lobby and draw attention to the potential ticking time bombs of orphaned or undocumented wells. […]

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