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We need you to speak out for reform at the Railroad Commission!

Tell the EPA: Don’t let carbon waste injection poison our future

Efforts to expand carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects are underway in Texas.

The Railroad Commission of Texas is working to gain primary oversight authority (Primacy) over carbon storage projects — an agency which has demonstrated a consistently poor record of environmental oversight.

We urge you to sign this petition to the EPA voicing your concern over their proposal to rapidly build out carbon capture and storage projects in Texas without rigorous oversight or proper community engagement.

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Concerned about an orphan well, waste pits or other related pollution?

Commission Shift will forward your complaint to the Railroad Commission, the state oil and gas agency, but only Commission Shift will have your identifying information. We will not share it with anyone.

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The Railroad Commission open, virtual meeting is a good opportunity to learn more about the state’s oil and gas agency, and give public input if you are impacted by abandoned or orphaned wells, or any industry-related pollution.

Meetings start at 9:30 AM CT and typically last no more than 30 minutes.

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Inclusive decision-making is one of Commission Shift’s core values. We believe that oil and gas workers, farmers and ranchers, neighbors of oil and gas development, students of Texas’ public schools, energy consumers, and the many others that are affected by the oil and gas industry in Texas deserve stability, safety, clean air, and clean water.

Having a strong democracy includes more than showing up to the polls. Our state can achieve better results in rulemakings, strategic plans, permit proceedings, and more when the public is meaningfully engaged, authentically listened to, and when their needs are incorporated into decisions.

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We need you to speak out for reform at the Railroad Commission!

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