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Commission Shift is reforming oil and gas oversight in the state of Texas by building public support to hold the Railroad Commission of Texas accountable to its mission in a shifting energy landscape. The Railroad Commission of Texas is a state agency. Despite not being well known among Texans, the commission holds a position of national and global importance when it comes to oil and gas oversight.

Together with our supporters and fellow advocates, we have established ourselves as an authority on the Railroad Commission. Local, state, and national media outlets and public officials routinely seek us out for guidance and comment on Railroad Commission issues.

What is the Railroad Commission?

Educating Texans about the role of the Railroad Commission and the importance of our state’s oil and natural gas oversight agency

Fixing the Railroad Commission

Advocating for reforms to the Railroad Commission to make it more effective and to better hold the oil and natural gas sector accountable

Cleaning up Oil & Gas

Pushing for the cleanup of oil and natural gas impacts on Texas land and groundwater so that Texans don’t get stuck cleaning up for polluters

Your Energy Costs

Centering the needs of Texans affected by extreme weather and high energy costs that come from weak oversight of the oil and gas sector

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