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work • over

v. (1). to subject to thorough examination, study, or treatment

n. (1). the process of performing major maintenance or remedial treatments on an oil or gas well

n. (2). the rig used to perform one or more remedial operations

Like a workover rig might remediate a failing well

Commission Shift is committed to fixing and transforming oil and gas oversight in Texas. Follow our blog where we create a place of intervention, a virtual remedial site. We’ll work over the policies and decisions that shape our energy landscape, and reflect on our work to build public support to improve the function, transparency, and accountability at the Railroad Commission of Texas.


05.03.2024 The Workover Blog

Announcing Our 2024 Poster Contest Winner!

02.19.2024 The Workover Blog

Video: Waste Pits Community Meeting

01.04.2024 Press Release    The Workover Blog   

Statement on Louisiana Primacy for Class VI Wells

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Orphan Wells Interview featuring Commission Shift’s Paige Powell KPFT Houston

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Announcing Our 2023 Poster Contest Winner!

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Meet Our 2023 New Faces!

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Carbon Capture Awareness Month

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Commemorating César Chávez Day of Service

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Happy Women’s History Month!

The Workover Blog

Energy Mini-Summit in ATX

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Community Conversations: Waste Pits

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Legacy sulfur well in Pecos County

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The Purpose of Commission Shift