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We are thrilled to announce the winner of our second annual poster contest! After careful consideration, Commission Shift staff have selected Sophia Guzman’s design titled “We Are Texas.” 

This year’s theme was The People of Texas. We invited art that features oil and gas workers, farmers and ranchers, neighbors of oil and gas development, students of Texas’ public schools, energy consumers, and the many others that are affected by the oil and gas industry in Texas. Sophia’s thoughtful design “We Are Texas” highlights the natural environments of Texas, the effects of the oil and gas industry, and the strength of the people of our state.

Sophia’s first place prize is $800. The winning poster will also be featured in Commission Shift’s communications and advocacy materials, including our website, social media, and promotional products for our outreach events.

We are grateful to everyone who participated, helped raise awareness, and gave a vision to our work. Thank you for your support, and congratulations to Sophia!

Check out some other standout entries below in our gallery that highlights the diversity and talent of the participants. Which are your favorites?

Thanks again, and be on the lookout for our next poster contest in 2025!

“We are Texas”

Sophia Guzman

Artist StatementSophia Guzman is a multimedia artist and writer from Houston, Texas who takes inspiration from her Hispanic upbringing along with experiences from being a young person in today’s modern America. Starting off as a self-taught artist before being professionally educated she is experienced in working with a variety of different mediums, both traditional and digital. Her artwork usually takes on a semi-realistic style with hints of whimsical elements and lots of vibrant colors to express an emotional side to her craft while also considering techniques and thought out compositions to her art pieces. Working on multiple projects and being active in the Houston art community she has big goals to one day open an art residency where artists and their supporters can have a space to be surrounded with creativity and inspiration here in her hometown of Houston.




Runner-Up: “We Deserve Stability”

Jacob Cardenas

Artist Statement — My name is Jacob Cardenas. I am an artist from Laredo, Texas and I am currently attending Texas A&M International University for a BA in Art. I have been practicing art ever since I was a toddler and wish to start my career here in South Texas. I want to create art that realistically yet stylishly represents the Tex-Mex world I live in, inspired by my experiences on the U.S./Mexican border. I have participated in various shows in Laredo like the Birds of the Brush Art Contest (2022 & 2024), LIFE Black and White Art contest (2022), and Pillar Harm Reduction Art Contest (2024). Through my illustrations, I seek to give a voice to minorities and highlight the emotional uniqueness of my birthplace. Art is my escape and means of expression, allowing me to illustrate about human experiences and our purpose through visual storytelling.

“A Beautiful Day for Everyone”

Robert Opel

“Texas Togetherness”

Estelle Longrigg

“Blue Skies Over Texas”

Ellis D. Moreno

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