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Austin TX – Members of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development  recently heard testimony on Senate Bill 2107,  which if passed would transfer liability for carbon injection wells from the operator to the Railroad Commission, the state’s oil and gas agency. 

Several panelists at the hearing made compelling points why this bill would be a huge misstep for CCUS and disastrous for Texans. Check out their testimony below. 

Is one of your representatives a member of this key committee?  

 “As we see in West Texas, injection of fluids has resulted in all sorts of unintended consequences including surface and subsurface blowouts, corrosion, pollution of the water table, there’s a lake of brine on the surface of the earth, and most recently earthquakes. CO2 being injected into reservoirs can result in the same issues… “


Sara Konstantine, licensed professional engineer and landman

“It’s clearly not harmless.”


Bruce Gates,  O&G Operator, recounting how an acid gas injection plume from carbon sequestration quickly corroded and bifurcated a 5 inch drill pipe.

“I’m a cattle rancher, I would love to transfer my liability to the state if y’all will take it.”


Ashley Watt, landowner and rancher, asking why lawmakers are pursuing transferring liability from operators in the first place – which follows a different structure than any other business.


“A profiting company should not be allowed to go about its business with no liabilities, and leave communities in a risky position with an underfunded and poorly structured state agency to look after its assets.”


Virginia Palacios, Executive Director at Commission Shift

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