Oil industry tries to escape water crunchEnergy WireMedia Coverage

Energy companies in the U.S. are searching for new ways to manage the water they use and produce along with crude oil.


By Shelby Webb
June 20, 2024

Fracking fluid and other drilling wastes are dumped into an unlined pit in Kern County, California. Faces of Fracking/Flickr

From the article:

“This rule was developed behind closed doors with industry partners, not including public for better part of two years,” said Palacios with Commission Shift. “We asked them to engage with public when they shared informal draft with public, but they refuse to do any in district public hearings on the rule which we asked for.”

She also raised concerns over the Railroad Commission’s handling of waste pits — large open air pits that hold produced water. Although the commission updated and strengthened rules on waste pits for the first time in 40 years in October, Palacios said, the state still has looser rules on testing water in the waste pits and liners protecting the edges than neighboring states like Oklahoma and Louisiana.


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