Statement from Virginia Palacios, Executive Director of Commission ShiftPress Release

“We are disappointed to see that Governor Abbott has not listed anything related to strengthening our electric grid, reducing energy bills, or reforming the Railroad Commission to the special legislative session agenda.

“Texas lawmakers wasted their chance in the regular session to do anything to meaningfully prevent a repeat of the devastating winter power outages that killed as many as 700 Texans and cost our state billions of dollars.

“Already this summer we have seen the electric grid tested, and Texans deserve a functioning energy infrastructure that keeps businesses going and protects our communities.

“We’ve been here before. Ten years ago, the Railroad Commission failed to heed recommendations from federal investigators to weatherize the gas supply chain.  We can count on the Railroad Commission to fail again if the legislature doesn’t hold them accountable.

“The legislature should do everything in its power to set firm deadlines for energy facilities to weatherize and assure that penalties exceed the cost of any weatherization measures.”

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