Texas energy regulator defends ‘perfect record’ after federal probeEnergy WireMedia Coverage

EPA is investigating Railroad Commission oversight of oil industry disposal wells.


By Shelby Webb
June 26, 2024

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian. @ChristianForTX/Twitter

From the article:

At an open meeting on Tuesday, Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian launched into a defense of the regulator’s record of monitoring so-called Class II injection wells.

“You’re saying we don’t do a good job of doing it after the EPA has commended us for a perfect record?” Christian said in response to an advocacy group pushing for closer oversight of Texas oil and gas. “That’s what I don’t understand.”

EPA has not commended the Texas Railroad Commission for being a stellar regulator of the oil and gas industry. Instead, EPA is launching a review into Texas’ oversight of injection wells, including for carbon sequestration — an investigation that could affect the state’s hopes of getting primary jurisdiction over carbon storage.


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