This Tejana Environmental Activist Says That The Oil and Gas Industry Is Continuing the Legacy of Colonization

As the Executive Director of Commission Shift, Virginia Palacios works at building public support to hold the Railroad Commission of Texas accountable for the impact it has on the community. Despite its misleading name, the Railroad Commission of Texas has nothing to do with railroads. In fact, the Railroad Commission of Texas actually oversees oil and gas development and coal and uranium mining in the Lone Star state.

But Palacios believes that the commission has failed in its duty to regulate the oil and gas industries. “What we see is that our lands are being spoiled, and people’s groundwater is being contaminated, our air is being polluted, and people are being negatively impacted,” Palacios said in an interview with Now This News. “And we don’t see the Railroad Commission doing what they said they would do to protect the public.”

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