It's Time to Act: Exposing the Railroad Commission's Lax Oversight

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Learn how the state oil and gas agency puts property, health, and our way of life at risk.

  • Oil and Gas Industry Running Wild: The Railroad Commission Of Texas hasn’t been doing its job, letting pollution, hazardous waste, and abandoned wells threaten hardworking landowners.

  • Property Values Taking a Hit: When the Commission doesn’t protect our land, property values drop. We can’t let that happen to our investments and families’ future. 

  • Our Water is at Risk: Careless practices have led to polluted water supplies, and that’s bad news for family, livestock, and crops. 

  • Health Threats Lurking: With the Commission failing to take action, our loved ones are facing real health risks from polluted land and water. 

Enough is Enough – Join fellow Texans in our fight for accountability, land protection, and a healthy future.



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Fixing the Railroad Commission

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