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Revealing the Impact of the Railroad Commission on Oil & Gas Workers


The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) oversees the oil and gas industry in the state. Recently, there has been growing concern about worker and community safety, oversight, and multiple ethical issues at the Commission. It’s time to clean up these operations and be transparent to keep oil and gas workers and families safe.

Cleaning Up Operations

A lack of oversight by the Railroad Commission of Texas has created dangerous job sites, putting workers at risk.

  • Address funding and staffing: Secure funds and address shortages to hire more inspectors and enforce safety rules. The RRC must ensure companies prioritize safety.
  • Improve environmental oversight: The RRC should strengthen environmental regulations to reduce land and air pollution and safeguard Texans’ health. This means monitoring emissions, ensuring waste disposal, and addressing potential water contamination.
  • Eliminate Financial Ties and Bring Back Accountability:
    The oil and gas industry has financial ties to RRC Commissioners. These are potential conflicts of interest that could destabilize the industry, which is why transparency and accountability are needed.

Job Security Threatened

The RRC should proactively address the challenges the oil and gas sector faces to support more stable jobs.

  • Diversify energy sources: Encourage investing in alternative energy to create sustainable jobs.
  • Improve workforce training: Provide training programs and support to help workers adapt to a changing industry landscape.
  • Promote innovation: Incentivize research and development to improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and secure the industry’s future.

Prioritizing Health

The RRC should address hazardous substance exposure, reduce dangerous emissions, and use health monitoring to keep workers and their families safe.

  • Reduce hazardous exposure: Minimize exposure to harmful substances by implementing safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Implement health monitoring: Establish regular health check-ups and monitoring to detect potential health issues early.
  • Create safety awareness: Promote safety education and training for workers, fostering a culture of health and safety consciousness.

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