Commission Shift Poster Contest

Commission Shift is pleased to announce that we are now open for submissions for our annual poster contest. The contest will be open for submission between December 20th, 2023 – April 15, 2024.

Submissions can come from anyone based in Texas and be in any language. This year’s theme is The People of Texas. We invite art that features oil and gas workers, farmers and ranchers, neighbors of oil and gas development, students of Texas’ public schools, energy consumers, and the many others that are affected by the oil and gas industry in Texas. Messages and images can include the call that the people of Texas deserve stability, safety, clean air, and clean water.

First place will receive an $800 prize and inclusion in our website and organizational materials, and runner-up will receive $200. Submissions will be featured on our virtual gallery! Participants may use Commission Shift’s website as a resource for ideas and information when creating their submissions.

Posters must be original artwork and any size between the minimum dimension of 16” x 20” to a maximum dimension of 22″ x 28″. Posters may be executed in any medium (oil, acrylic, markers, pastel, collages, found materials, photography, canvas mounted on poster board, digital, etc.)

Posters may be produced individually or in collaboration with others. If produced in collaboration with others, the submission email must include all names and required information for all collaborators. Whether individually or in collaboration with others, only one poster per individual/group can be submitted into the competition.

Previously designed posters for other occasions should not be submitted, as we would like to see art that closely reflects Commission Shift’s work, mission, or values.

In addition to first place and runner up prize money, the winner’s poster will be included as a digital download in Commission Shift’s annual report, and printed and made available for sale in future Commission Shift fundraisers.

To submit: scan and email your poster design in a .JPG .PNG or .PDF file to sjstout@commissionshift.org by April 15, 2024. Be sure to include your name, phone number, poster title, and short bio in the body of the email.

Questions? Email sjstout@commissionshift.org.

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