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Alyssa Wallace

Alyssa Wallace

Field Organizer

Alyssa Wallace was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. Growing up, she witnessed the challenges her mother faced when tasked with raising a family and earning a living on her own. Her mother’s hard work and dedication inspired Alyssa’s to pursue an education. Alyssa is currently finalizing her degree in Political Science with a minor in Communication, while raising her own children.

As a freshman, Alyssa attended a class on Texas State Government that awoke in her a passion for activism. The class was taught by Dr. Maria A Reyes, now Deputy Director of Commission Shift. Her teaching style, content, and collaborative structure inspired Alyssa to start getting involved with local organizations in order to bring change to her community.

 Alyssa then joined MOVE Texas, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, grassroots organization that works to bring power in underrepresented youth communities through civic engagement, leadership development, and issue advocacy. Alyssa was the first issue advocacy fellow for Laredo. Through partnering with the MOVE Texas field team, and other local organizations, she organized events that would engage the youth of Laredo to take part in local, state, and national elections.

Being directly involved, engaged, and educated on her community’s issues brought Alyssa to issues of environment protection, oil and gas, and climate change. This is how she connected with Virginia Palacios, Executive Director of Commission Shift. When the opportunity rose to continue getting involved in her community, she applied for Community Field Organizer in Commission Shift. 

Alyssa recognizes the need for accountability in Texas government and the need to engage the public with matters that concern not only their everyday lives, but their health and the environment. She is conscious that these issues are already multigenerational, and that addressing them is up to us, now.