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Julie Range

Julie Range

Policy Manager

After graduating from Texas A&M with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Julie Range worked at an engineering firm focused on pollution control and energy technologies. Julie focused on air pollution control for coal-burning power plants and explored business opportunities to develop clean energy technologies. In these roles, she learned that while engineers can develop innovative solutions to limit pollution and cost-effectively internalize negative external costs on society, companies will often only do what regulatory policy requires– leaving many pressing environmental problems unaddressed.

With her energy background, Julie pivoted to politics and policy, with a focus on energy and environment. She initially worked on campaigns to elect decision-makers but she now focuses on influencing and educating them so they make better decisions. She also worked at the state capitol as Representative Vikki Goodwin’s Legislative Director, and recently graduated from the University of Texas with a Master’s in Public Affairs.

A native Central Texan and mother of three, Julie is driven by the belief that we must be stewards of our Earth, which is important because it is the only one we have. She also loves air conditioning, ice cream, and the quality of life that harnessed energy allows.

Julie is thrilled to work with Commission Shift to minimize the harms imposed on society and future generations by correcting systemic regulatory failures in the oil and gas industry.

Just as she expects her children to clean up their messes, she expects companies to do the same. She expects oil and gas companies to utilize clean and cost-effective innovations, and when they are finished with a site, they restore it to the condition they found it, not leaving a mess for taxpayers to clean up.